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Maryland’s Alpaca Celebration and PAOBA’s Breeders’ Showcase together at the MA and PA Alpaca Pronk 2021

April 9-11, 2021

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Grange Fairgrounds
250 Homan Lane
Centre Hall, PA  16828

Hotel Options

Ramada Conference Center, 1450 South Atherton Street, State College, PA 16801 Tel: 814-238-3001 Code ALPACA21

Hampton Inn State College, 1101 East College Ave., State College, PA 16801 Tel: 814-231-1590 Code PAL

Comfort Suites, 132 Village Dr., State College, PA 16803 Tel: 814-235-1900 and mention 'PAOBOA-PA Owners and Breeders Association"

Sleep Inn, 111 Village Dr., State College, PA 16803 Tel: 814-235-1020 Booking code via the Grange-LPCR80

The Grange offers alternative for lodging on their website as well. Click here to go to that page.

Pennsylvania Health Requirements

All alpacas entered in and present at the Show, whether from within Pennsylvania or from out of state must have:

  • Valid Certificate of Veterinary Inspection within 30 days of April 9, 2021.
  • A negative PCR for Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVD). There is no time frame for this test, since one test is sufficient for the life of the alpaca. BVD test results are to be reported on the CVIs as “negative” or virus “not detected”. The date of the test, methodology (PCR) and the initials of the lab that performed the test must be listed on the CVI. Note, alpacas tested negative by the VI test prior to 1/1/2010 will be grandfathered in to allow entry. We remind people that the requirement of a negative BVD test will not eliminate the possible presence of BVD at the show, but will greatly reduce the risk of exposure. It is strongly recommended that all exhibitors institute on-farm bio-security protocols for returning from any show or other alpaca event to minimize the risk posed by BVD and other contagion. If you have any questions regarding BVD testing feel free to contact Sue Ives at show.super.ives@gmail.com.
  • Uniquely identified by Microchip and microchip number must appear on CVI.


Stall Information

  • The facility is comprised of an arena area where top sponsors, vendors, and the judging rings will be located; a horse barn area is attached through a breezeway. These facilities are all under one roof.
  • Platinum and gold sponsors are guaranteed to be in the arena with the show rings. Silver sponsors come next based on availability. All other sponsors will be in line for the extended stalls in the horse barns based on their level of sponsorship. All other exhibitors will be eligible for extended stalls based on the availability after sponsors. There are a limited number of extended stalls in the barn area. Date of registration will be used as the final determining factor.
  • The stalls in the arena area will be on hard packed dirt and stall mats will be REQUIRED.
  • Stall Mats are also required for the extended sections on the concrete aisle way.
  • The horse barn area stalls are equipped with rubber mats. Bedding material is option and provided by the exhibitor.
  • All stalls are 10×10 and there is a limit of 3 alpacas regardless of age per single stall, or 6 alpacas in a double stall in the arena area. No stall limits.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to keep the exhibition area and aisles clean at all times.
    Exhibitors may advertise their sales list and sell alpacas or alpaca related products at their stalls. Several vendors will be present to sell apparel, tack and gift items.
  • Please bring your stall mats or purchase them from a vendor at the show.
  • Stall space will be assigned with preference given to sponsor levels and time of full payment as long as space is available.  After that, placement will be determined by time stamp given by our online registration system.
  • Farm displays are encouraged and at no additional charge. All farm displays of top sponsors in the arena area must be totally contained within a stall space. In the horse barn area, all displays are to extend no wider than the stall extenders. We need to keep the aisles clear for people to move throughout the building.


Stall Sharing

  • Both Farms A and B will need to complete their own Registration and Halter Entry Forms.
    Farm A should reserve and pay, with their own check/credit card, for all of the stalls plus their own entries and extras.
  • Farm B should state on their Registration Form that they are sharing with Farm A and pay, with their own check/credit card, for their own entries and extras.
    Farm B should then pay their share of the stall(s) directly to Farm A.
  • The PAOBA Affiliate, its Board of Directors, or the show Superintendent will not be held responsible for any problems or injuries that may occur when sharing stalls.


General Show Information

  • Show Check-In is Friday, April 9, 2021, 10 am – 4pm
  • All Halter Show related questions should be directed to the Halter Show Superintendent, Sue Ives, show.super.ives@gmail.com; phone: (804) 503-3558.
  • No refunds will be given for changes/cancellations after the close of show registration (the last date registrations are being accepted or the show sells out, whichever is first). Partial refunds will be given out prior to the close of show registration minus a handling fee ($150 per farm or $10 per animal).
  • No animal substitutions will be allowed from the original entry form, unless permission is obtained from the Show Superintendent. Permission must be obtained prior to arriving at the show. There will be a $15 change fee for each change made to your show registration after payment has been made.
  • An exhibitors meeting will be held at 8:00 am Saturday, April 10, 2021 in the show ring. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.
  • The show will be run in accordance with the current rules of the AOA Alpaca Show Division. We encourage you to join the Show Division and become familiar with the Handbook.
  • All alpacas shall be presented for judging with a plain halter and lead rope. The handler’s attire should be conservative, neat and appropriate for the class. Farm names or alpaca names cannot be displayed on the exhibitor or animal during the class.
  • All alpacas entered must be registered with the AOA Registry. No pending papers will be accepted.
  • All alpacas must be entered in the name of the owner as listed on the AOA Registration Certificate. Animals that are in the process of being purchased or certificates that have not been transferred must have an Owner of Record to Show form, signed by the owner that is listed on the certificate.
  • Get of Sire, Produce of Dam: Show entry is made in the name of the sire or the dam and the entry fee is applicable. A copy of the AOA Registration Certificate for the sire or dam must be included. There is a limit of one entry per sire or dam. As exhibitors may not know who the other exhibitors are until arrival, entry deadline for the two group classes will be 6:00 P.M. Saturday evening.
  • There is an $80.00 AOA fee for all farms that are not AOA Show Division members. It is $80.00 per farm, not per animal. There is a $6 AOA Show Division fee for every animal entered in the show, that fee is included in your entry fee.
  • An owner may only enter 3 alpacas per breed type, per gender, per color designation, per age division. Example: An owner can only show 3 white, Huacaya, yearling, males.
  • Send completed entry form with a copy of each AOA Registration Certificate. Please use color definitions as found in the AOA Show Division Handbook and the most current AOA color chart to determine the color of each alpaca. An alpaca will not be entered if there is incomplete or missing information.
  • The Show Superintendent will divide classes as much as possible and as described in the AOA show manual. Example, for Juvenile Black Males, if entries currently include 4 or more true blacks and 4 or more bay blacks, the class will be divided by color designation.