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Fleece Sale

The Maryland Alpaca and Fleece Festival is excited to announce our annual fleece sale. All fleeces will be available for purchase Saturday afternoon and Sunday at the Maryland Alpaca and Fleece Festival.

Fleeces must be from the 2018 and 2019 clips. Blankets only; no neck or leg fiber will be accepted. Fleeces must be skirted; no vm, dung tags, hay, or other matter should be present.

As the seller, you set the price for your fleece(s). An entry fee of $5 is required for each fleece.  A commission of 10% for non MABA members will be deducted from the price paid.

Fleeces may be dropped off between 2pm and 7pm on Friday, November 8th or on Saturday before 11am. Pickup is 3:30pm to 5pm on Sunday, November 10th.  Fleeces that have not been picked up by 5pm become the property of the Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association.

Please see the seller registration form below: