— The MABA Team

A Paca Fun Farm

Breeding Generations of Excellence

Neil and Jo Padgett
16707 Thurston RdDickerson, MD 20842
Fax: 4107615734

Sold Huacaya

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 38 Special Copper PennyLight Brown 6Sold 
 38 Special's NormandyLight Rose Grey 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's AdalineTrue Black 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's AdeleDark Brown 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's AllureMedium Rose Grey 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Arabian KnightBay Black 13Sold 
 A Paca Fun's BacardiMedium Brown 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's BiancaBeige 4Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Black DalhiaTrue Black 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Black DragonBay Black 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's BonitaBeige3/4 Peruvian 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Bronze StarLight Brown 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's BushidoBay BlackProven11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's CabernetDark Brown 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's CalliopeDark Silver GreyProven12Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Carbon CopyTrue BlackProven9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's CharadeLight Brown 4Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Chocolate MagnumBay Black 7Sold 
 A Paca Fun's ChocolatierDark Rose Grey 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's ColetteTrue Black 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's ColossusMedium Silver Grey 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Cosmic WarlordMedium Silver Grey 7Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Cover GirlMedium Silver GreyProven16Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Dark MatterTrue Black 7Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Double TakeMedium Rose Grey 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Drama QueenDark Silver GreyUnproven9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's DrambuieDark Fawn 2Sold 
 A Paca Fun's EbonyTrue Black 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's EloiseMedium Fawn 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's EmbersBay Black 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's EndeavorMedium Rose Grey 11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's FelicityBeigeProven11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's FiestaMedium Brown 4Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Fire and IceLight Rose Grey 4Sold 
 A Paca Fun's GabriellaMedium Silver Grey 1Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Ginger SnapLight Brown 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Golden SamuariLight Fawn 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's GryphonMedium Silver Grey 11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's HarrisonDark Brown7/8 PeruvianProven11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's HawthornDark Rose Grey 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Iron MaidenDark Silver Grey 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's JamesonLight Brown 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's JourneyDark Brown 4Sold 
 A Paca Fun's JuniperDark Silver GreyProven11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's KawaiiMedium Silver Grey 11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Kit KatMedium Brown 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's LunaMedium Silver Grey 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Mach 4Medium Silver Grey 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MadagascarDark Silver Grey3/4 Peruvian 12Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MagnumMedium BrownUnproven9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MargaritaBeige 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MatrixMedium BrownProven11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MaybellineTrue Black3/4 Peruvian 11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MemphisMedium BrownProven12Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MerrellMedium Silver Grey 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MirageMedium Silver Grey 11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MirrorImageMedium Brown 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's MorganBay Black 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's NadiaDark Silver GreyProven11Sold 
 A Paca Fun's NexxusLight Silver Grey 9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's ObsidianTrue Black 13Sold 
 A Paca Fun's OctaviaMedium Brown 2Sold 
 A Paca Fun's ParamourLight Rose Grey 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Peruvian CapriceLight FawnFull PeruvianProven15Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Platinum PrinceLight Silver Grey 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Precious Lee PinkLight Rose GreyUnproven9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Pumpkin SpiceMedium Fawn 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Purple HazeMedium Rose Grey 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's RayneDark Silver Grey 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's RevlonMedium Rose Grey 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's RicochetTrue BlackProven12Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Royal FlushLight Rose Grey 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's RubiconMedium Brown 9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's SableDark Silver Grey 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's SassafrasMedium BrownProven13Sold 
 A Paca Fun's ShearblissMedium Silver Grey 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's ShirazDark Brown 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Silver ChaosMedium Silver Grey 9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Silver DasiyLight Silver Grey 2Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Silver GeishaDark Silver Grey 3Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Silver TriumphMedium Silver Grey 9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Silver VortexLight Silver Grey 9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's SilverLegacyMedium Silver Grey 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's SkyeLarkDark Silver Grey 2Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Smoke and MirrorsMedium Rose Grey 10Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Sonic FlashLight Brown 6Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Sonic FyreLight Brown 4Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Sonic PhantomTrue Black 4Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Sonic ShiftMedium Silver Grey 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Steel MagnoliaMedium Silver Grey 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's SunshineBeige 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun's SymphonyMedium Rose Grey 13Sold 
 A Paca Fun's Tiger LillyMedium Rose Grey 4Sold 
 A Paca Fun's TitaniumMedium Silver Grey 5Sold 
 A Paca Fun's TrifectaDark Silver Grey 7Sold 
 A Paca Fun's TroyMedium Fawn 9Sold 
 A Paca Fun's WorthingtonTrue Black 7Sold 
 A Paca Fun’s AerosmithTrue Black 8Sold 
 A Paca Fun’s CavalearLight Brown 6Sold 
 APFF-Delphi's SentinelDark Brown 2Sold 
 Avatar's SaraLeeLight Rose GreyProven8Sold 
 Avenger's CenturionLight FawnFull PeruvianProven15Sold 
 Crescent Moon's Legacy's AmitaLight FawnProven13Sold 
 Dee's Destiny of MMAFLight Silver Grey 8Sold 
 KPR MisticTrue BlackProven20Sold 
 Mistic SuperstitionTrue Black 3Sold 
 Ore Hill PrincipesaMedium Silver GreyProven15Sold 
 Ore Hill TrinidadTrue Black 13Sold 
 Ore Hill WindsorLight Silver GreyProven18Sold 
 Paragon's Autumn BlushMedium FawnFull Peruvian 7Sold 
 Paragon's Autumn GloryLight BrownFull PeruvianProven11Sold 
 Paragon's BeowulfMedium Rose Grey 9Sold 
 Paragon's Black OpelTrue Black1/2 PeruvianProven12Sold 
 Paragon's BritanniaMedium Fawn7/8 Peruvian 7Sold 
 Paragon's Cherry BombMedium BrownProven6Sold 
 Paragon's Faerie DustDark Fawn7/8 Peruvian 7Sold 
 Paragon's FireflyMedium Rose GreyProven7Sold 
 Paragon's Gypsy DangerDark Rose Grey 4Sold 
 Paragon's NikitaTrue Black 3Sold 
 Paragon's PegususDark Rose Grey 7Sold 
 Paragon's RubyMedium Brown 3Sold 
 Paragon's Silver GaelMedium Silver Grey 6Sold 
 Paragon's Silver SapphireLight Silver Grey 8Sold 
 Paragon's Silver StormLight Silver Grey 7Sold 
 Paragon's Sonic Jet PackMedium Silver Grey 4Sold 
 Paragon's Sonic ThunderDark Rose Grey 5Sold 
 Paragon's Toasted AlmondMedium Brown 2Sold 
 Paragon's TwixLight Brown 5Sold 
 Rave OnLight Silver Grey 4Sold 
 Spa Alpacas AdirondackMedium FawnProven15Sold